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  1. Hotel was very near the centrum and services. Parking was behind the hotel (even small) but car was more safe there. Also the Koidula park was near just opposite side ofthe street.

    Ari (Finland)
  2. Me and my boyfriend stayed at Koidulapark for a weekend in August 2008. As this is the high season in Pärnu, I was pleasantly surprised with the price of the room and the fact that they even had vacancies (I booked only 2 weeks in advance).

    The check-in was quick, the girl at the desk very pleasant. Note for other Finnish people: Please DO NOT expect everyone to speak Finnish! I find it very rude to start loudly speaking Finnish to Estonians, without first asking would they rather use some other language.

    Sunday morning we had the great breakfast again, checked out and headed home. Overall, a very good weekend. Would recommend Pärnu and Koidulapark.

    Finnish couple
  3. Really good location near central Koidula Park. Friendly personell!

    Aivar Ruukel
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